We grow our own produce to make our wines and ciders. We do not spray them to make them pretty. If we have to treat the plants for disease or pests then it will always be organic. The fruit and berries just need to be healthy and taste good they don’t need to be blemish free.

Our farm has been in our family for several generations. We were lucky to have an Aunt who was a teacher and could take us to the farm each summer to enjoy all the fresh air and farm grown food. My grandparents were the best! But I guess we all say that.

We helped gather peas, green beans, gooseberries, strawberries and more from gardens and various bushes and trees. My grandmother was a great cook and taught us how to make jams, jellies and pies. What a life!

My grandfather prided himself on his watermelons and cantelope. We had watermelon breaks in the afternoon during the summer.

It was a great time during the summer and the best most vivid memories of my childhood.

The picture is one of our ponds on the farm. Catfish, Crappie and Perch. Nothing better.