On February 26, 2013 we had quite the snowfall blanket the farm. It was around a couple of feet at least. When you tried to walk in it you sank to your knees! Really awesome so I have added some photos with comments to share.

Snow of Feb. 26, 2013

This is our redbud tree just outside of the garage. As you can see the snow covers up to half of its trunk and the branches are beautiful and softly covered in white.

Snow gathered at back door

When opening the back door we saw this nice snow pile. Needless to say Tex, our rather heavy (uh…solid) orange farm cat, was not too thrilled about going out and quickly ran back to his favorite chair and kept a low profile all day.

Deck covered with snow

This is a view of the back deck. Can’t really make out what is all there under the snow. There is a bar-b-que somewhere under there!

Corner of deck steps

These are the steps leading to the deck and you can see they are pretty much swallowed up.

Back area view

The view from the back yard out across the field and the woods in the back. While taking this picture I could hear the trees in the woods crack loudly as the branches, heavy with snow, were breaking off and the sounds echoed in the woods. So cool but also eerie.

Fallen branch

Speaking of branches breaking off this is the old (and I mean OLD cedar tree) in the front yard that lost a rather good sized branch. It lost even more before all the snow was done.

No fire pit today

This is normally our gathering and fire pit area but certainly not right now. The marshmallows will have to wait!

Snow covered roof

A little snow on the rooftop! Thank goodness our roof is pretty tough.

Road towards the highway

The road out to the highway. Not going anywhere without a bulldozer.

Hay Barn

One of the old barns on the farm. Still standing unbelievably even with all that snow.

Gate and horse pen

The gate and horse shed. Can’t see the old horse? That’s because she isn’t stupid and is in the shed away from the snow. At least until feeding time. :-)

Leaf embedded in the snow

A pretty leaf frozen just below the surface of the snow. There were a lot of these scattered all over the place and were like little frozen fossils.

Feeding time

Birds gratefully eating much needed seed on the cleared off table on the deck. It’s hard to tell by the picture but there was a steady stream of birds busily scooting, scrapping and pecking seeds and goodies out of the snow.

Deer spying on me at pond

Somehow I made it through the deep snow out to one of the ponds so I could get some pictures. I had to rest after all that travel (I actually had to stop and rest many times on the trek down there) so I sat on a bench on the ponds bank. As I sat there I watched two deer make their way down to the frozen pond to nibble on any exposed grass. I lost track of them after they went into the wooded area but then noticed movement to the right of me. In the trees I saw this deer checking me out. Since I am no threat she was able to relax and enjoy her time at the pond and then sprint out towards the fields with her sisters.